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Super Blood

Producers: Meera Mistry, Dannii Swidrak, Sarah England 

Director: Sally Cancello

DOP: Alex Stone

1st AC: Neil Bradley

Editor: Aideen Johnston

Composer: Emma Butterworth

Writers: Angela Nesi and Anna Brook-Mitchell

Cast: Sherelle Armstrong, Andrew Byron, Luke O'Rourke

Made by participants taking part in BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew


SUPER BLOOD Depict Laurel (2).png

Rosie's Unicorn Delight

Producers: Angela Nesi and Anna Brook-Mitchell 

Director: Vito Bruno

DOP: Sean Collymore

1st AC: Chris Wharton

Editor: Jonny Mills

Composer: Thom Robinson

VFX: Prateek Mathur

Writers: Angela Nesi and Anna Brook-Mitchell

Cast: Jade Samuels, Rae-Isabella White

Winner, best comedy super short, Berlin Flash Film Festival, official selection for Birmingham Film Festival and Funny life Film Festival (nom. best microshort)

 Photo: Chris Wharton

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 18.05.48.png

Sketchy as F**k

Producer: Show'em Entertainment

Director: Marcus Liversedge

DOP: Ben Bee

Writers: Angela Nesi and Anna Brook-Mitchell

Cast: Angela and Anna, KG tha Comedian,

Lou Sanders, Ed Aczel and Ben Wiles

Screenshot 2021-05-09 at 19.43.08.png

Isle of Edna Presents:
G Street


"The writing, range of characters, clever call-backs and story loops are worth their weight in gold"
(Funny Women)

We took our narrative sketch comedy, G Street up to Edinburgh in 2016.


After a punishing month of testing loads of material in front of audiences of various sizes, we came back and wrote our BAFTA Rocliffe winning script, The Gentrifiers. 

The funniest/most traumatic moment of that fringe was when we needed three volunteers for a section of the show and there were only three people in the audience...

Photo: Karla Gowlett

Live Shows


Photo: Karla Gowlett

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